A newborn is special and close to everyone’s heart. The joy and happiness a newborn brings to your house cannot be compared to any other happiness in the world. The occasion becomes more special when the newborn and the mother receive flowers and gifts from their loved ones.

If you are a father, you can gift your wife a bouquet of red roses on the arrival of baby. Flowers are a gift of encouragement to new parents. In addition to flowers, one can also send cakes to the newborn and express their happiness for the new parents and the baby.

How to surprise new mom with flowers?

If you are planning to send new mom flowers then it is better to know when the expected mother will be going to labor in order to make beautiful flower arrangements for her. In this situation, it is better to go for same-day delivery as you can surprise the new mother.

It is better to send the flowers to new mom home rather than hospital so that the parents do not have to carry too much weight from the hospital. If you deliver flowers to their home, you have an option to choose and order flowers in advance.

How to choose newborn flowers?

When it comes to choosing newborn baby flowers, one should have knowledge of the gender whether it is a boy or girl. Gender determination can help you in understanding which color of flowers can be chosen. If the parents have not determined the gender of the baby, there are many neutral colors of flowers that are as beautiful as others.

Pink, pastel and purple are good color options for a baby girl. Flowers for newborn baby girl can be tulips, roses, daisies, lilies, alstroemeria, lavender and carnations. Blue and yellow colored flowers can be chosen for a baby boy. Delphinium, Iris, Hydrangeas, White Daisies, Statice and Freesia are good options in flowers for newborn baby boy. The flowers for newborn twins can be in the colors of green, yellow, red and orange.

You can also send the flowers to newborn babies according to the month in which they are born. The newborn baby will not understand the symbolism behind a flower but it will give a lovely start to their life as naturally beautiful flowers surround them and the new parents will also appreciate your efforts in choosing the flowers by keeping its significance in mind. 

Can flowers be sent after the birth of newborn?

You can send the new born flowers even after few weeks from the baby’s birth. It gives a sense of encouragement to the parents in starting their new journey. It is a sweet gesture for the new parents that they have friends who are willing to support them in starting the journey.

What can be a proper card message along with the flowers?

While writing a card message it should be kept in mind that the parents need love, encouragement and support. Some card message examples can be:

“You deserve every amount of happiness that this new baby is going to bring you!”

“I’m so excited for you as you embark on this new stage of life. Know that I am only a text or phone call away if you ever need me.”

“Congratulations! I can’t wait to see the beautiful person this baby becomes.”

“Welcome to the world, little one!”